Our values

At the Ruggles Law Firm, we adhere to a set of principles that define our personal and professional identity and guide our approach to representing clients in employment matters. We consider these values to be the cornerstone of our practice, setting us apart and shaping our commitment to our clients.

Matthew J. Ruggles

30+ Years of Employment Litigation Experience

Client-Centric Advocacy

  • We care about our clients.  We demonstrate that we care by taking prompt and strategic action.
  • We act immediately because we take every case personally.  Taking prompt action in a lawsuit is essential to a successful result.  We don’t wait.
  • We regularly and timely communicate with clients so that Matt and his clients always know the status of the case and the work needed to reach our goal.
  • We do whatever is necessary under the law to accomplish the goal for each client.
  • The client is not just a file; each client has a personal relationship with Matt Ruggles.  Matt guides each client through the litigation process.

Our professional and personal commitment to our clients is reflected in the attention and proactive strategies we employ to secure the best possible outcome.

    Client with an Attorney at Ruggles Law Firm

    Mathew J. Ruggles

    Passion for the Fight

    • Matt Ruggles has enthusiasm for his work – he loves the law. Matt is happy to demonstrate his knowledge of the law and even more happy to win your case!
    • Matt Ruggles detests corporations and loves taking on the “big guys” on behalf of each client.
    • Matt Ruggles has fun and enjoys the practice of law, litigating tough cases, and going to court.
    • Matt Ruggles does not see a legal dispute as a miserable time; rather, he sees each lawsuit as a great opportunity to win and make a difference for his clients.

    We relish the opportunity to challenge powerful corporations on behalf of our clients. The adversarial nature of the legal process is not a burden; it’s a chance for us to showcase our skills, make a meaningful impact, and enjoy the practice of law.

      Results-Driven Approach

      • We want to get the best result possible.  We work diligently to achieve favorable results and will do the work required to achieve favorable outcomes for every client.
      • We believe that we must do everything we can, as soon as possible, to reach the goal for the client.

      We understand that achieving the best outcome requires strategic and timely actions, and we are committed to employing every available resource to secure optimal results.

      Outside of a courthouse in an employment lawsuit

      Leveraging Technology

      • We use the latest legal software including artificial intelligence. Technology alone will not win your case; we use technology in conjunction with our experience and street smarts to level out the differences between our corporate opponents and the big firms that represent them.
      • The Ruggles Law Firm can go toe to toe with any major corporation or defense law firm. When we sue a large corporation and we are righteous on the law and facts, we can achieve tremendous outcomes for our clients or defense law firm.

      In a legal landscape often dominated by large corporations, we level the playing field by leveraging cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence. This allows the Ruggles Law Firm to match the capabilities of big firms, ensuring that our clients benefit from the same advanced tools and strategies.

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